7 days to
change how
you eat forever.

Make this time you lose weight 
the last time you lose weight.

Want to lose weight in a healthy way, fast?


Are you unhappy with your current weight?


Do you wish you could lose weight but have been failed by diets in the past?

Tired of waiting?

Want something that works from day 1 that's also sustainable?

Diets don't work 

We all know that. Diets focus on food & tell you what to eat. 

Want an easy way?

Do you wish there was an easy and enjoyable way to lose weight and keep it off?

Eatiful is different

Eatiful changes how you eat not what you eat, so you can lose weight in a healthy way and love life.

What will you do when you’re free from unwanted weight?

Will you enjoy your body more and feel amazing? Will you cherish new moments with your family and friends? Will you travel to exciting places, meet new people and do things you never dreamed of? Will you enjoy your health? Eatiful makes anything possible.

Ready, Steady, Go.

Our 1 week programme to fast-track your easy, healthy and sustainable weight loss journey.
In just 7 days, change your eating habits forever and start losing weight.
  • 1 Week

    7 daily Modules
  • Self guided

    Learn at your own pace
  • Instant Access

    To everything on day 1
  • Lifetime access

    For future reference
  • Inspiring Content

    Learn the method quickly
  • Exclusive Content

    Keep forever resources
  • Journal Prompts

    Set your mindset for good
  • Free

    Enjoy this today for free!

What's included?

  • Learn the Eatiful Method
  • 7 daily modules
  • Keep forever resources
  • Powerful journal prompts

7 Modules in 7 Days

Get instant access to a week's worth of in-depth fast-track weight loss and behaviour change content. Learn the method and practice embedding it into your life.

Self Discovery

Complete journal prompts about your eating habits, weight loss goals and how food makes you feel.  Empower yourself & take control of food. Enjoy your new found ability to lose weight with ease.

No fad diets. 
No restrictive diets.

Eatiful helps people lose weight by changing HOW they eat, not WHAT they eat. This sets us apart from practically all other weight loss programmes on the planet. We don't tell you what to eat, instead, we help you change how you eat so you can naturally and enjoyably lose unwanted weight.


Start losing weight from day 1.
Concentrated, intense learning in just one week.
Behaviour change to embed over time.
Enjoy food while losing weight healthily.
No difficult or fad diets.
No weight loss jabs or medication - all natural.

  • No need to change what you eat
  • No need to change your lifestyle
  • No need to spend more on food
  • No need to invest lots of time
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Explore the Course Modules

"I lost 85 pounds using this method.

I changed how I eat using this simple method, and after living with obesity for years, I lost more than 85 pounds. That was over seven years ago, and the impact of losing all my overweight has been amazing. I am truly grateful for the healthy body I now have and I owe all that to this new way of eating"

Katie, Eatiful Founder
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Simple changes anyone can make.

Here's what some of our members have to say.
"Since starting, I've lost 5kg already. Although I am still 'in progress', I have lost some weight! "
"I can now separate emotions from eating and understand when hunger strikes that I just need to take a step back. I've lost over 12 pounds and I am happy with my progress. It’s not about the end goal and more about the journey. My weight loss is more sustainable this way."
"One of my favourite tips is to drink a glass of water, which helps take away hunger pangs. I've lost around 7 pounds since I started. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if Eatiful Go is right for you right now?
Here are some of the questions Eatiful customers have asked.

How much time do I need to commit to Eatiful Go?

The Eatiful Go modules can be accessed in your own time. Allow about an hour a day for self-guided learning and to complete the journaling prompts. Also, allow some extra time when you eat as you'll be slowing down your eating and recording your progress. Eatiful Go is designed to be an intensive week-long programme, so the more you put in, the more you get out. 

I’m busy, is this a quick fix?

We work with people who want to lose weight by focusing on enjoyable eating by taking a more considered approach around food. Eatiful works great for people with an open mind who are willing to access all the course modules and complete all the activities to change how they eat for good, to lose weight and feel great. This course lasts one week but provides a lifetime of value, so if you’re interested in enjoyable, sustainable weight loss, join us today.

I already understand nutrition, and eat a balanced diet. Is Eatiful for me?

Eatiful is for anyone regardless of what and how you eat right now. Eatiful works for people who eat ‘healthily’ and those who feel they eat less healthily. We never judge what you eat right now or in future. What you eat is your choice.

Do I get a diet or meal plan with Eatiful?

Nope. Sorry. Actually, we’re not sorry. Telling you what to eat would be silly because only you know what your body needs right now.

Should I come off my diet before I start Eatiful?

If you are already on some sort of restrictive diet for weight loss, once you start learning the Eatiful method, you will be happy to ditch the diet.

But seriously, what will I be eating on Eatiful?

Eatiful is genuinely not a diet. It's not even like those other weight loss programmes that aren’t diets but then tell you what to eat and offer you recipes and a meal plan ;) This really is not a diet. We believe people should be excited by food and should enjoy every mouthful, so get ready to enjoy yourself.

I’ve signed up for weight loss programs in the past and they haven’t worked

We hear you! We think most weight loss programmes fail because of the focus on what you eat. At Eatiful we focus on changing how you eat. Changing how you eat is not a temporary thing, it's something that once you've learned, you can do forever because it's enjoyable. 

Do I need to buy special or expensive food?

Eatiful is designed to help you enjoy food; really enjoy it, whatever types of food you prefer and choose to buy and cook for yourself. No, you don't need fancy foods or ingredients, or supplements for that matter. You might even find yourself saving money on food as you learn that you can enjoy and feel fuller for longer on less food with this new way of eating.

I find it hard to stick to diets, will I find it hard to stick to Eatiful?

We know, and we've been there! Most weight loss programmes focus on telling you what to eat. Telling someone what to eat is like taking away all their freedom and giving them no credit for their intelligence. Diets take away your control around food, and as such, they’re super hard to stick to. While many people lose some initial weight on a diet, the weight comes back on once they stop the diet. And they always stop the diet because it's such an unnatural way of eating for them. Diets are by their nature, hard to stick to. Eatiful is totally different. As it's NOT A DIET, and as it focuses on increasing the pleasure you get from food, most people find Eatiful to be very enjoyable. They want to continue with Eatiful for life. 

What do I need for Eatiful Go?

It’s always good to be prepared. You don’t need much for the course, but these things will serve you well:
 - Some time to focus on yourself 
 - A commitment to show up and complete the modules each day, or at a time to suit you
 - An open mind: it’s possible to change your eating habits forever
- A journal or notebook to write in - this helps enormously with making sure the method really sinks in

Is Eatiful the same as mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a practice that involves paying attention to the act of eating and being fully present in the moment while eating. It encourages people to be aware of their physical and emotional feelings, thoughts, and sensations related to food, eating, and hunger.

The main goal of mindful eating is to develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with food and to help you make more conscious, healthy, and satisfying choices. Mindful eating in itself is not intended to help people lose weight. However, most of the aspects of mindful eating change how (not what) people eat. And for those of us who usually overeat, mindful eating can be incredibly helpful in helping us to lose weight. 

Eatiful takes the best principles of mindful eating; the ones that are likely to help you with weight loss and adds even more. We add more thoughtful self-nurture, cues to stop eating when you're full, more reflection, daily habit forming journalling, goal setting and progress tracking to ensure weight loss is easy and enjoyable.

Do I really need to a course when I could just read the Eatiful Method?

The Eatiful Method is a short eBook that helps you understand the core method. For some people just reading the method once is enough.

Eatiful Go is our most popular course offers much more in-depth content than the Method alone in just 7 days. It's a quick start that requires in-depth focus for a week. 

Other people need more support and want to learn over a much longer timeline. For those people, Eatiful Academy allows more time for you to practice new techniques and offers a deeper level of guidance to ensure success long term. It also offers more video content and interactive quizzes and tools to really help you with changing your weight loss mindset for success.

Ready to dive in?

Don’t wait another minute to enjoy food more, lose weight and love life. Don’t let another year go by before you lose your unwanted weight!

Get Eatiful Go today for $0. That's right, it's free!


Why I’m sharing Eatiful with you

“My mission is to help people to lose weight. I know what it’s like to carry excess weight and to be unhappy about it. I know that losing excess weight can be hard. I know that failing at dieting and living with excess weight day to day and year to year can be upsetting. 

When I was bigger, I used to wake up each day with a sense of regret; regret that I had so much weight to lose but never seemed able to make a change. Then I lost weight. I lost 85 pounds. Having lost weight, I felt, and continue to feel amazing. I wake up each day happy that I am now a healthy weight, with the fabulous benefits that's brought me. 

I went from a UK size 20 (US 16) to a size 12 (US 8). I have more energy, I relish adventures with my family and friends, I look younger and better than I used to, and I’m brave and ambitious enough to chase my dreams. I no longer let weight hold me back. I want to share that amazing feeling of freedom with you. With as many people as possible, actually. 

I know Eatiful works, because it worked for me. It's not only a sustainable way to lose weight, but an enjoyable one. I’m sick of diets and weight loss programmes that don't work; I'm sick of broken promises. I'm sick of weight loss programmes that say they're not diets, but absolutely are. Too often people are sold weight loss programmes and methods that don't work.  I want to end that. I want to share this enjoyable and sustainable method with you.  That’s why we built Eatiful: to help people lose weight enjoyably and sustainably, and to be free from unwanted weight. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Katie - Eatiful Founder

Here's your final chance to change how you eat and start losing weight in just 7 days.

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