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Searching for a weight loss solution that actually works?

  • Unhappy with your weight?

  • Been failed by fad diets?

  • Struggled with restrictive diets?

  • Searching for a more enjoyable way to lose weight?

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Be free of diets!

Diets don't work. Yet most other weight loss programmes focus on food. They tell you what to eat with diets, recipes, meal plans, 'points' or 'colour coding' systems, or calorie counting.

  • We all know that diets make eating miserable. And as such, you can't stick at them for long.

  • Eatiful is different. Eatiful actually makes eating, and therefore weight loss enjoyable.
Eatiful helps you change how you eat, not what you eat so you can lose weight and love life.

What is Eatiful?

Eatiful takes a totally different approach to weight loss.
Instead of focusing on what you eat, we help you change how you eat. 

Set your Mindset

Eatiful takes scientifically proven principles of mindful eating and adds behaviour change and mindfulness techniques to help you eat the right amount of food for your body.

Build your habits

Eating slowly, and stopping eating when you're full is a powerful way to lose and maintain weight. Eatiful helps you build new habits to eat what your body needs while enjoying foods you love.

Smash your goal

Eatiful isn’t just about a new way of eating. It’s a new way of thinking about food and your weight goals. Eatiful helps you set goals and smash and feel great about yourself.

Overeating causes weight gain

eat too quickly

clean their plates

Eatiful research with over a thousand people who'd like to lose weight tells us that many people overeat at every meal. People who overeat have a tendency to eat everything on their plates, usually without thinking. Eating quickly also stops people from considering how much food their body needs and stops them from recognising they're full. Cleaning your plate and eating quickly is a significant contributor to weight gain. Eating slowly, therefore, can help you stop over-eating with relative ease.

Change your habits

The focus on diets prevents people from realising that it's how they eat, not just what they eat that contributes to weight gain. Adopting a new diet won't stop people from overeating or help them enjoy food more. Yet eating the right amount of food can be easy and enjoyable: Eatiful helps you learn how. 

  • Slower eating helps you listen to your body
  • Stopping eating at the right time stops overeating

  • Slower eating helps you enjoy food more
  • Eating the right amount of food reverses weight gain

Eatiful helps you build new habits to change how you eat, not what you eat so you can enjoy food more, lose weight and love life. And yes, you can eat a little of whatever you fancy!
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"I lost 85 pounds with this method"

I changed how I eat using the simple Eatiful method, and after living with obesity for years, I lost more than 85 pounds. That was over seven years ago, and the impact of losing all my overweight has been amazing. I am truly grateful for the healthy body I now have and I owe all that to this new way of eating."

Katie Lips - Eatiful Founder

Scientifically proven

Eatiful helps you to change how you eat, and it's proven that eating slowly leads to a reduction in energy intake.

Many studies have shown eating slowly correlates to lower body weight. Furthermore, the behaviour change techniques we use are proven to help people change their behaviour and develop new habits. 

Eatiful Benefits

There are many benefits to Eatiful. Here are our top 3.

#1 Enjoy Food

Eatiful helps you to enjoy food more. It's not a diet: you can eat what you desire. Eatiful helps you get maximum enjoyment from food so you're more mindful when eating, and ultimately know when to stop.

#2 Lose Weight

Eatiful trains you to listen carefully to your body and give your body what it needs. You will learn to eat just the right amount of food so you are never hungry but can lose unwanted weight. 

#3 Love Life

Learning to eat in the new Eatiful way helps you enjoy being in control around food. Losing your unwanted excess weight gives you untold new freedoms as you achieve your goals.

What will you do when you’re free from unwanted weight?

Will you cherish new moments with your family and friends? Will you travel to exciting places, or do things you never dreamed of? Will you enjoy your health? Will you love life? 

You got this.
We got you.

Most people struggle with diets: with being told what to eat and what not to eat. Eatiful is different: it's easier to make a change if you know you are going to be building your confidence around food.

  • The Eatiful Method explains the theory and gives you techniques you can use to start losing weight from Day 1.
  • Eatiful also offers a range of membership options to give you the support you need. Get the support you need.
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Don't just take our word for it

Here's what some of our members have to say.
"Since starting, I've lost 5kg already. Although I am still 'in progress', I have lost some weight! "
"I can now separate emotions from eating and understand when hunger strikes that I just need to take a step back. I've lost over 12 pounds and I am happy with my progress. It’s not about the end goal and more about the journey. My weight loss is more sustainable this way."
"One of my favourite tips is to drink a glass of water, which helps take away hunger pangs. I've lost around 7 pounds since I started. "
Achieve your goals WITH EASE

Say no to fad and restrictive diets. 

We won't tell you what to eat. Honestly.

Choose a Plan

Why Eatiful?

"Living free from unwanted weight is truly freeing. It changed my life. Having struggled with my weight for years I found a way to lose unwanted weight and I want to share that with you so I set up Eatiful.

Eatiful is a blend of mindful eating and behaviour change that we've tested and adapted over years. We know it works and we’re driven to share it with as many people as possible. 

I believe everyone should be able to benefit from this simple way to lose unwanted weight so I created Eatiful.

Katie Lips - Eatiful Founder
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently Asked Questions

Eatiful is different. Intentionally so. 
Here are some answers to a few questions that Eatiful members have asked.

I’ve signed up for weight loss programs in the past and they haven’t worked

We hear you! We think most weight loss programmes fail because of the focus on what you eat. At Eatiful we focus on changing how you eat. Changing how you eat is not a temporary quick fix, it's something that once you've learned, you can do forever because it's enjoyable. 

I find it hard to stick to diets, will I find it hard to stick to Eatiful?

We know, and we've been there! Diets take away your control around food, and as such, they’re super hard to stick to. While many people lose some initial weight on a diet, the weight comes back on once they stop. And they always stop because the diet is not what they desire. Diets are by their nature, hard to stick to. Eatiful is totally different. As it's NOT A DIET. As it focuses on increasing the pleasure you get from food, most people find Eatiful to be very easy to do. 

But seriously, what will I be eating on Eatiful?

Eatiful is genuinely not a diet. It's not even like those other weight loss programmes that aren’t diets but then tell you what to eat and offer you recipes and a meal plan ;) This really is not a diet. We will guide you to learn to listen to your body and choose food that's right for you to support your goals. We believe people should be excited by food and should enjoy every mouthful, so get ready to enjoy yourself.

I love food. Is Eatiful for me?

Eatiful is for anyone regardless of what and how you eat right now. Eatiful works for people who eat ‘healthily’ and those who feel they eat less healthily. We never judge what you eat right now or in future. What you eat is your choice. 

Whatever food you eat, Eatiful can help you make changes to how you eat. Changing how you eat can have a big impact on how much you enjoy your food and on your weight. We can help you love food while losing weight.

Do I get a diet or meal plan with Eatiful?

Nope. Sorry. Actually, we’re not sorry. Telling you what to eat would be silly because only you know what your body needs right now.

Should I come off my diet before I start Eatiful?

If you are already on some sort of restrictive diet for weight loss, once you start learning the Eatiful method, you will understand why restricting what you eat doesn't help in the long run.

Do I need to buy special or expensive food?

Eatiful is designed to help you enjoy food and lose unwanted weight whatever types of food you prefer. You don't need fancy foods or ingredients. 

I have dietary requirements. Can I use Eatiful?

Because Eatiful is about stopping overeating, what you eat matters less than HOW you eat. You can use Eatiful if you're a meat eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, or if you follow a low sugar or low GI diet, or are diabetic. You can also use Eatiful regardless of any religious dietary restrictions or cultural preferences.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a practice that involves paying attention to the act of eating and being fully present in the moment while eating. It encourages people to be aware of their physical and emotional feelings, thoughts, and sensations related to food, eating, and hunger.

The main goal is to develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with food and to help you make more conscious, healthy, and satisfying choices. 

Many of the aspects of mindful eating change how people eat. For those of us who usually overeat, mindful eating can be incredibly helpful in helping us to lose weight. 

How is Eatiful different?

Eatiful takes the best principles of mindful eating; the ones that are likely to help you with weight loss and adds even more.

We add thoughtful self-nurture, cues to stop eating when you're full, reflection, daily habit-forming journalling, goal setting and progress tracking to ensure weight loss is easy and enjoyable.

All our plans come with Eatiful News

Eatiful News is a great way to get the latest weight loss tips and inspiration. Plus be first to hear about exclusive webinars and courses and membership and hear updates on how Eatiful is growing around the globe.

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