Mindful Eating: Your Way

We are working on new ways for you to enjoy Eatiful to improve your health and happiness through sustainable, affordable weight. loss. We currently have two options: read and digest the free Eatiful Method, or take our free 7 day course to start to embed Eatiful eating into your life.

Compare our Mindful Eating Resources

Eatiful Method

  • 10 simple rules to help you take control of your eating, health and happiness
  • Read, print and keep

Eatiful Go

  • Eatiful Method PDF
  • Instant Access 7-day Course 
  • Keep Forever PDF Resources
  • Engaging text-based Lessons
  • Journal Prompts


See how it's working

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our Eatiful members have to say.
"Since starting, I've lost 5kg already. Although I am still 'in progress', I have lost some weight! "
"I can now separate emotions from eating and understand when hunger strikes that I just need to take a step back. I've lost over 12 pounds and I am happy with my progress. It’s not about the end goal and more about the journey. My weight loss is more sustainable this way."
"One of my favourite tips is to drink a glass of water, which helps take away hunger pangs. I've lost around 7 pounds since I started. "
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