Eatiful at Easter

Easter needn't be stressful with Eatiful.

I used to dread Easter. And Christmas and Valentine's Day. And my Birthday and Halloween. In fact, any occasion where it was the norm to give, receive or eat chocolate. I’d get stressed. I’d get anxious; I’d worry that I wanted to indulge but felt I shouldn’t. I did indulge, and I felt guilt, shame and regret. I may have eaten a handful of chocolate or may have eaten several entire easter eggs. Either way, it was all bad, and Easter was simply no fun. Never did I learn just to enjoy a reasonable amount of chocolate. Never did I feel at peace around it.
That was before I learned to lose weight with mindful eating; before I learned to lose weight with ‘nothing off the table..’ Now, it is true that I tend to eat less sugar; I tend to eat less chocolate, but I do eat some sugar, and I do eat some chocolate. And I do that in a way that I enjoy while maintaining my weight. To do this without feeling like I’m massively missing out, I eat mindfully. I eat Eatifully.

So can Eatiful help with chocolate cravings at Easter?
Absolutely it can.

Eatiful helps anyone to lose or maintain weight by helping them enjoy food more. No food is disallowed with Eatiful. The Eatiful process is all about eating slowly and savouring food, noticing the amazingness of the food you've chosen, taking time, taking pleasure, and feeling enjoyment. As you eat, the Eatiful method helps you to listen to your body, to really listen. When you feel signals of fullness, you stop eating. You continue listening to your body after you've stopped eating to understand the effects of food on your body and on your mood. Eatiful helps you understand how food makes you feel. Food isn't just fuel, it affects your whole self, so you need to listen carefully and maximise enjoyment. 

Easter is a time that's abundant with chocolate and other sweet treats. And often abundance goes hand in hand with overindulging; with overeating. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to eat chocolate, enjoy it and eat the right amount for your body. At least, when you learn to eat the eatiful way, it is.

The Eatiful Method comprises 10 rules that help people eat just the right amount of food for their body by changing HOW they eat. By eating slowly and mindfully, Eatiful members are finding they’re eating radically less food than they used to while enjoying food more. All without restricting any type of food. Yes, you can lose weight and enjoy your favourite foods, yes, even chocolate.

Happy Easter from Katie and the Eatiful Team
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